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SpeakJet Shield Parts List

The following components are used to build the SpeakJet Shield Basic and TTS.

PCB1         SpeakJet Shield PC Board                   DroidBuilder SJ-PCB
IC1          LM386N-3 audio amplifier                   DigiKey LM386N-3-ND
IC2          SpeakJet voice & complex sound synthesizer SpeechChips SpeakJetDIP
IC3          (TTS option) TTS256 text-to-code IC        SpeechChips TTS256
C1           100uF electrolytic capacitor               DigiKey P970-ND
C2,C7,C8     0.1uF ceramic capacitor                    DigiKey BC1160CT-ND
C3,C4        10uF electrolytic capacitor                DigiKey P966-ND
C5,C6        0.01uf ceramic capacitor                   DigiKey BC1158CT-ND
R1           1/4W 5% 10K trimpot                        DigiKey 3362P-103LF-ND
R2,R7        1/4W 5% 1K resistor                        DigiKey 1.0KQBK-ND
R4,R6        1/4W 5% 10K resistor                       DigiKey 10KQBK-ND
R3,R5        1/4W 5% 27K resistor                       DigiKey 27KQBK-ND
S1           6mm tactical switch                        DigiKey SW400-ND
X1           Stereo headphone jack w/switches           DigiKey CP1-3555NG-ND
LED1         Green 3mm LED                              DigiKey 160-1710-ND
LED2         Blue 3mm LED                               DigiKey 754-1248-ND
U1           Socket IC open-frame 8 pos                 DigiKey 3M5473-ND
U2           Socket IC open-frame 18 pos                DigiKey 3M5476-ND
U3           (TTS option) Socket IC open-frame 28 pos   DigiKey 3M5480-ND
JP1,2,3      Post shunt (shorting block) 2 pos .1                   DigiKey 609-2217-ND
JMP1,2,3     Male header .1                             DigiKey S1012E-36-ND
SH1,2,3,4    Arduino Stackable Header Kit               SparkFun PRT-10007

Other components of same values may be substituted. Note the heights of C1, C3, and C4 can NOT exceed 10mm for the shield to be stackable!

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