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RoboVoice Shield v1.1 & v1.2 BOM

Name Description Part Number Distributor Quantity

PCB1 PC Board for RoboVoice Shield v1.1 Droidbuilder.com RV-PCB 1

IC1 LM386N-3 audio amplifier LM386N-3 DigiKey LM386N-3-ND 1

IC2 RoboVoice Text to Speech IC RoboVoice-IC SpeechChips SP0-512 0
IC3 3.3V 100mA LDO Regulator (TO-92-3 pkg) DigiKey 296-26120-ND 1

D1 1N914 DigiKey 1N914ATR 1

LED1 Green LED Lite-On LTL-1CHG (or any 3mm LED) DigiKey 754-1217-ND, Pololu 1071 1

LED2 Orange LED Lite-On LTL-1CHG (or any 3mm LED) DigiKey 754-1588-ND
Pololu 1070 (red)

C1, C10 100uf electrolytic capacitor DigiKey P963-ND 2

C6, C8 10uf electrolytic capacitor DigiKey P966-ND 2

C5 4.7uf electrolytic capacitor DigiKey P996-ND 1

C2, C3, C4, C9 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (104) DigiKey BC1160CT-ND 4

C7 0.001uFceramic capacitor DigiKey BC1117CT-ND 1

R5 1/4W 5% 10K potentiometer DigiKey 3362P-103LF-ND, Jameco 182837 1

R1, R2, R6 1/4W 5% 10K resistor DigiKey 10KQBK-ND 3

R3, R4 1/4W 5% 330 ohm resistor DigiKey 330QBK-ND 2

S1-Reset 6mm tactical switch B3F-1000 DigiKey SW400-ND 1

X1 Stereo headphone jack with switches STX-3100-5N or STX3100-5NB DigiKey CP1-3555NG-ND 1

U2 Socket IC open-frame 28pos (for IC2), DigiKey A100210-ND, 3M5480-ND 1

U3 Socket IC open-frame 8pos (for IC1) DigiKey A100204-ND, 3M5473-ND 1

SH1,2,3,4 Arduino Stackable Header Kit AdaFruit, SparkFun PRT-10007 1

JP1 Conn Shunt 3pos .100 (shorting block) DigiKey 609-2217-ND, Pololu  969 (yellow) 1

JMP1, 3, 4 36 pin male header 1x36 (SparkFun 1x40) 1x3 pin DigiKey S1011E-36-ND ,Pololu #965 SparkFun PRT-00116

JMP2 36 pin male header 1x36 (SparkFun 1x40) 1x7 pin DigiKey S1011E-36-ND ,Pololu #965 SparkFun PRT-00116

RoboVoice Deluxe Optional Parts
SPK Conn 0.1" 1x40, Right Angle Pololu #967

Speaker 2" 8 ohm 0.5W speaker SparkFun COM-09151

Wire  Jumper Wire - PTH Black White SparkFun PRT-08672