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References and Sources

Isaac Newton once said "we stand on the shoulders of giants." Likewise, the projects and products detailed in this website are built upon the work of other people. Without their contributions; much of what I show here would have been difficult or impossible to implement on my own. I too stand on the shoulders of giants. Thank you for the lift!

The SpeakJet Shield TTS is based on information primarily from two documents...
The online reference documentation for the Arduino was/is used extensively to develop the software examples and demos using the SpeakJet Shield TTS...
The SpeakJet Shield TTS circuit board was laid out using Eagle CAD: http://www.cadsoftusa.com/.

I used this Eagle CAD template http://www.macetech.com/blog/files/ArduinoShieldScaffold.zip to start the shield design (more info about the template itself at http://macetech.com/blog/node/69).

I should also mention, the original spark for the SpeakJet Shield TTS was inspired in part by a "SpeakJet howto" posted by "Ant" on the LetsMakeRobots website: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4305?page=1. Although I had seen information on the SpeakJet before, this simple how-to article is what inspired me to actually order one to play with.

There are most certainly many more organizations and people I have not mentioned. You have my heartfelt thanks for your contributions as well!

Galen Raben

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