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This is a collection of download links for all the SpeakJet Shield documents, Eagle .brd and sch files, example code, and other useful information. The SpeakJet Shield build and programming documents are .pdf versions of the online documentation found on this website. This is especially helpful for those who want to build a SpeakJet Shield without having internet access available. Note that online versions of documents may be more current than the pdf versions!

RoboVoice Shield / Break-Out Schematics
Other SpeakJet Shield Documentation

Online versions available in Tutorials.
Programming documentation available in Tutorials.

Other Useful Pages & Downloads
  • Arduino Reference (web link) - this is THE official Arduino programming reference.
  • Arduino Extended Reference (web link) - more useful Arduino programming information.
  • Arduino Code Library & Tutorials (web link) - coding examples and useful utilities for Arduino.
  • AVR Libc Reference (web link) - the Arduino software is linked to these libraries, of particular interest are the string.h and stdlib.h pages. All sorts of useful functions you didn't know your Arduino had!
  • RoboVoice Datasheet (user Manual) (.pdf) - This is the official manual for the RoboVoice IC, Lots of useful information about programming for the RoboVOice IC.
  • SpeakJet User Manual (.pdf) - this is the official user manual for the SpeakJet IC itself. Lots of useful information on programming sound effects and speech.
  • TTS256 Datasheet (.pdf) - this is the official user manual for the TTS256 text-to-code IC that is used in the SpeakJet Shield for text-to-speech capability.

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