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Whats New at Droidbuilder?

posted Sep 15, 2015, 12:01 AM by Galen Raben
Sept 15, 2015
I haven't updated the blog in a WAY TOO LONG OF A LENGTH OF TIME! My last post/update was in February, since then Droidbuilder.com has suffered through several problems for our operations. First was a move of our corporate headquarters, we are still in the Salt Lake valley, but our current quarters are at best temporary and we do not have space for our robotics research and warehousing. So we are looking for a new location, and expect another move shortly once we have found something in our budget that is suitable.

The bigger (also unfortunately, bad) news is we can no longer get a critical component for our most popular kit. The  text-to-code translator IC we use in our SpeakJet Shield kit is no longer available from our usual vendors. This is a serious blow to our kit business as we have had to discontinue selling our popular SpeakJet Shield kit, at least until we find another reliable source for the  text-to-code translator chip. We have for now disabled the store links and will continue to sell the PC boards and perhaps will re-stock the "Basic" kit without the text-to-code translator IC for those willing to write code directly for the SpeakJet chips. Our apologies to those that ordered kits we could not ship, we have issued refunds to all of those affected. More on this part saga later should we see any changes in the current situation...

Much has been happening in the world of Raspberry Pi IoT since we last blogged. Windows 10 has been released and is now in the hands of Raspberry Pi developers, And speaking of IoT (Internet of Things) we have run across several interesting development libraries for the Raspberry Pi/Arduino platforms which we will go into more detail in a later blog article.
The Raspberry Pi foundation wrote a short article in May on how to gett started in the Internet of Things
development. There have been a couple projects that have come out of crowdfunding sites that are also quite interesting, Blynk is one library I have begun developing with (another blog article is in the works) and its larger cousin Wyliodrin, and also Ubidots which appears to be a quite mature library. There is much more available in these three libraries than I have time to write about here. Click on the links and check out what they each have to offer.