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New Items in the DroidBuilder Store

posted Dec 12, 2012, 7:51 PM by Galen Raben   [ updated Dec 13, 2012, 1:53 AM ]

December 12,2012 
It has been a mad rush here the last week or so getting an updated version of the SpeakJet Shield and the new RoboVoice Shield / BreakOut board documentation up and in my droidbuilder store. At the time I write this, I have the descriptions and build instructions up. The docs for the RoboVoice are lagging a behind a bit, especially the programming tutorial, but I should have everything up hopefully in the next few days. As it always seems, everything is a work in progress - but it always gets better over time!

RoboVoice v1.1 Deluxe kit

If you run across something that is not well explained or doesn't quite make sense, please email me and I will try to get the document fixed as quickly as possible.

DroidBuildes PCB Special

If you've been to the main droidbuilder site, you've already seen videos of my current and new products. More videos and demos of our products are underway! Just haven't had enough time for everything with the new boards coming out and with the Christmas holidays coming up shortly! Also expect a demo of another new product to appear here in the blog soon...

HOW TO Modify the Programming examples for the SpeakJet Shield v1.3!
Some of you no doubt are building my SpeakJet Shield v1.3 and the examples in the programming tutorials don't work - this is because the Arduino I/O  pins have been changed in v1.3. The software will work if you make the following changes to the software examples...

wherever #define txPin 2  appears, change it to #define txPin 6
wherever #define rxPin 3 appears, change it to #define rxPin 5
wherever #define busyPin 4 appears, change it to #define busyPin 7

That should do it... Also note that many of the text-to-speech examples will also work with the new RoboVoice Shield boards with these changes (Just remember the RoboVoice does not use any of the SpeakJet sound effects or voice bending commands). Enjoy!

If I don't get a chance to chat with you here on the blog or via email or skype - I hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year!

Happily building droid parts and creating docs...