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Interesting News Tidbits

posted Jun 18, 2012, 8:33 PM by Galen Raben   [ updated Jul 14, 2012, 7:48 PM ]
6/19/2012 A few interesting tidbits:

Board of Education Shield
While recently checking out Parallax Inc website I noticed the Board of Education Shield for the Arduino! So if you have a Parallax BoeBot and want to upgrade from a Stamp to an Arduino; this shield will get you going.

(updated 6/29/2012)
Another interesting product: Parallax announced the StampDuino in last months Parallaxian Newsletter which is an Arduino compatible board for the Basic Stamp BS2 that can use most Arduino shields with the Stamp! Although expensive compared to an Arduino Uno (the BS2 chip is NOT included - so by the time you include the BS2 chip, it will cost almost twice what an Uno would), if you are already heavily invested in the Parallax Stamp family of micros and want to use Arduino shields, this is a very NICE solution.  Since I ordered one of these a couple weeks ago, and have it in hand, I should shortly I write up an evaluation of the StampDuino as soon as I have more time to play with it...

ROBOTC for Arduino
Also thanks to links in the above announcements from Parallax, I found that RobotC is in Beta for the Arduino. RobotC is available for Uno, Duemilanove, and Mega variants (and probably will work with most other Arduino clones) If you are looking for a fairly well-known robotics programming language (and a standardized library) to use for your Arduino based robot - do take a look at the programming reference!