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DroidBuilder Store kit availability

posted May 15, 2017, 12:40 AM by Galen Raben
May 15, 2017
It has been almost a year since the last time I posted anything to this blog. So what's been up?

Unfortunately I need to start out with some sad news. I am starting to remove some of the kits in the DroidBuilder Store due to parts availability issues - Early last year the SpeakJet chip disappeared from my parts vendors and is no longer appears to be available anywhere at any price and more recently the RoboVoice chip is also becoming problematic. I still have some RoboVoice chips in stock for now, but at some point my stock of parts will run out. I am particularly sad about the RoboVoice as it was a single chip solution which worked well with any micro-controller that had an available serial connection. I also had a good rapport with the developer of the RoboVoice and was hoping to see him add sound effects and perhaps female voices to the chip library at some point. But apparently economic reality set in and he no longer offers the parts. When I run out of the stock I have of RoboVoice chips, I will need to remove the kits from my DroidBuilder store. I will still offer PC Boards and instructions for building the kits for anyone fortunate enough to have the parts, but without the parts I cannot offer a complete kit. :-(

Kits have always been problematic for me, as you have to keep an inventory of parts on hand so you can ship quickly, and have somewhere to store them until you can ship them and then actually shipping them to customers sometimes can be a problem all by itself. I never made enough money off these kits to warrant hiring someone else to handle the logistics of kitting and have always packed and shipped these kits myself.

So it appears that it is time to re-think the direction DroidBuilder.com has been going and perhaps concentrate more on posting projects and perhaps just offering boards to help build those projects? I have more recently been spending much more time flying and repairing drones - perhaps I will be moving to having more reviews of drones and perhaps setting up a vlog on my DroidBuilderTV YouTube account... Stay tuned, we will see what direction I go... -DB-