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Announcing: The RoboVoice Shield

posted Sep 1, 2012, 6:36 PM by Galen Raben   [ updated Sep 1, 2012, 6:49 PM ]
Sept. 1, 2012:
Some of you may have already seen my YouTube video or noticed the short description on our main page - the announcement of our RoboVoice Shield. The prototype batch of boards came in, and they are good. At this point some of the boards are being distributed to a few lucky individuals and the few v1.0 boards left may end up being distributed by special request or made available in our store. I've already made a few minor tweaks on the design and I expect the next couple batches of boards when they arrive will be made available in our store and also to key vendors. We have much yet to do- like get our step-by-step tutorials written and get some example code written for both Arduino and Parallax BS2 MCU's (possibly others as well?). Some of the code (obviously, from the demo video) has been written, but this IC is capable of more than seen here!

Anyway, here is the video (if you haven't already seen it) and some additional photos...

RoboVoice Shield Demo

A view of my test setup: HP netbook, kit speaker, amplified speakers, USB cabling, Arduino clone, and of course the the very first RoboVoice Shield board to be built and turned on! Worked on first try - even the software!

A little closer view of the RoboVoice Shield from above. Nice shiny brand-new things :-)

This is most of the code for the Daisy Bell demo song heard in video (click on the image for a larger/readable version).
Note the creative misspellings to try to add a bit more emphasis to certain parts of the song. Yes, the commands in [] are used to change the voice pitch. More info on the SP0-512 RoboVoice chip can be found at http://www.speechchips.com/downloads/SP0-512-Datasheet.pdf.

BTW, our move is also underway. Stopped at home to edit and post this video and pics but will be back to our temporary headquarters soon!