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Advanced Programming Tutorial Now UP!

posted Dec 21, 2010, 7:07 PM by Galen Raben
Maybe you have already discovered this - but anyway for those of you who haven't, I finally put a draft copy of the Advanced SpeakJet Shield TTS Programming Tutorial up! Up until now this tutorial has been "hidden" (although it could be found if you knew where to look). I had kept it "hidden" as I had unresolved problems in the text and examples  that I didn't have time to rewrite. I've had several people email questions on some of the topics addressed in this tut0rial - now that I am on Christmas vacation from my real job I finally had the time to get much of the text to match reality. :-)

It is still a bit rough, and is missing some photos and videos I still intend to add, but I believe it is good enough that you may now take a look. . Perhaps this will answer some of you burning programming questions you've had on the SpeakJet Shield TTS?