Now your Arduino projects can
TALK to you!

The SpeakJet Shield TTS!

SpeakJet Shield Demo

Note: SpeakJet Shield TTS v1.1 shown in this video.

With the SpeakJet Shield, your Arduino projects speak and make sound effects! The SpeakJet Shield is a self-contained voice and complex sound synthesizer. The SpeakJet chip used in this shield has an internal five channel sound synthesizer that can generate on-the-fly, unlimited vocabulary speech synthesis and complex sounds. With the optional TTS256 speech processor installed, the SpeakJet Shield also has English text-to-speech capability!

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The RoboVoice Shield!

RoboVoice Shield Demo, Singing Daisy Bell...

The newest  (and lowest cost) member of our family of Text-to-Speech Shield kits - the RoboVoice Shield / Break-Out is available as either a blank PC board, OR as a complete kit (RoboVoice Shield / Breakout Deluxe - which also includes a 2" speaker kit)  from the DroidBuilder store!

We have had requests for kits that are usable on platforms other than the Arduino (at this point, all  of our kits are, our older PCB's may take some hacking to make it work). This is our first kit that was designed from the beginning as a break-out board not only in the familiar Arduino Shield footprint, but also features additional header locations on the board to allow easy usage with other microcontrollers (for example the Parallax BS2, Propeller, Rasberry PI, or whatever you feel skilled enough to wire/program). It also includes an on-board protyping area, where you could even put a PIC or ATTiny onto the board for a complete talking robot project if you wish!

Additional flexibility for use with multiple MCU families is provided by having its own 3.3v regulator and interface protection on the board so you may use it safely with 5v based MicroController devices. Simple programming examples will will be presented in our Tutorials page showing examples of how to program these kits to work with several different MCU's.

In the DroidBuilder Store: DroidBuilder's Special PCB Bundle!

This is an extension of our Christmas Special Bundle, we still have some of these in stock! A bundle of FIVE (5) SpeakJet TTS v1.2 PC Boards. These are blemished but buildable functional boards - An early run without our famous DroidBuilder logo. Some silkscreen errors on the top side. Build them, use them for coffee coasters. Cut-em up and use them for robot parts, jewelry, ornaments for your tree, whatever! Save them from the landfill. Available NOW in the DroidBuilder store!


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